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BUYER BEWARE OF CARBIZ BEWARE OF UPTOWN MOTOR’S _______ CARBIZ IS STEALING FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!!! I bought a car from Dyana Kay at Uptown Motors at 6620 Azle Ave. , Ft Worth, Tx. In Feburary 2008. I had a temp plate till March 2008. When Dyana Kay called to tell me my plates were in and to come pick them them up. I paid $63.00 for the registeration. I made my payments every two weeks. I even put a new transmission in two months after I bought the car, I put new tires on this car, I paid for the inspection sticker, August of 2008 Dyana Kay called because their insurance company found out DYANA sold the car and didn’t get a driver’s license or an insurance card at the time of sale. Dyana Kay was acting like they hadn’t sold the car and that’s TAX FRAUD. I found out in October that Uptown Motors didn’t put the car registeration in my name. They kept the registertation in their name. In Texas that is against the law. They have 30 days to transfer the title. There was no way to prove I should be driving that car. I fought with Uptown Motors for five months over this all the while still making my payments. UPTOWN MOTOR’S YOU STARTED THIS NOW DO THE RIGHT THING AND GIVE THESE PEOPLE BACK THERE MONEY!!!! YOU DIDN’T HAVE A LICENSE TO SELL CARS, DO INSPECTIONS. WHY AND HOW DID THE CITY OF LAKE WORTH, TX LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS… Then around the 15, of March 2016 I got a letter from Carbiz telling me they wanted the pay off on the car. I called and was told DSC is the company handling this account, in Houston. I called Ms. Boulet to speak with her and all I was told is they would only except the payoff. No payments, no nothing and they would still not put the car in my name. DSC is part of CARBIZ. Carbiz bought them out. Ms. Boulet and I went around in circles for two weeks, She really thought if she yelled at me and triied to BULLIE me I would give in. All I wanted was the car registered in my name. I even spoke with she supervisior Linda . On April 1, 2016 I had a beautiful lawn decoration that did nothing. I contuined to call and spoke with Ms. Boulet again and again the only thing she wanted was the pay off. Ms. Boulet was so rude I could not believe. You know everytime I asked to speak to a supervisior after that there was never one available, and the supervisiors, supervisiors were never available, and no one knew the head of the company, or his number, and of course he was never in, I was told, when I called. Even Alfred Saranello the person I spoke to on April 15 didn’t know if he could tell me who the President or CEO of Carbiz was, and didn’t know the company President, Alfred had to go ask, So, did he not know, or was it he did not know if he could tell me? WHY??? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING CARL RITTER, CHRIS BURNS, OR RICHARD LIE?? WHY ARE YOUR EMPLOYEE’S AFRAID TO SAY CARL RITTER, CHRIS BURNS, OR RICHARD LIE IS THE PRESIDENT OR CEO AND HERE IS HIS NUMBER.. To be honest at this point and time I’m not sure who ownes CARBIZ… Alfred Saranello said it was CARL RITTER, BUT I also have the names CHRIS BURNES AND RICHARD LIE. On April 6, 2009, I got a phone call on my cell phone from Investagator Mike West with the Dallas Police Dept., Telling me I had 2 FELONY WARRANTS, out for my arrest because, CARBIZ, said I stole the car. Does this sound like the phone calls anyone else got???? He told me if I return the car, CARBIZ would be willing to drop the charges. Here I am disabled older female, single. How was I suppose to know, this man scared the living hell out of me. I have never had a warrant or been arrested. I told him where the car was. Then I started making some phone calls to a few people I know, who buy and sell cars. Low and behold, Mike West is NOT special enough to be a DALLAS POLICE OFFICER, all he is, is a wantabe DEPO GUY. A Lier, who needs to go to jail for acting like a police officer. THREATING people by telling them they have FELONY WARRENTS out, FOR CAR THEFT.. SHAME ON HIM AND SHAME ON CARBIZ FOR HIRING HIM!!! MIKE WEST HAS BEEN IN TROUBLE BEFORE FOR ACTING LIKE A POLICE OFFICER. BUT CONTIUNES TO DO IT. EVEN THE TOW TRUCK COMPANY HAS BEEN IN TROUBLE BEFORE. THIS TOW TRUCK COMPANY HAS BEEN FIRED MANY TIMES FROM OTHER COMPANIES FOR THE THINGS THEY PULL, AND HAVE BEEN SUED MANY TIMES. THE COMPANIES THEY HAVE WORKED FOR HAVE, HAD TO PAY OUT A LOT OF MONEY FROM ALL THE THINGS THEY HAVE PULLED. SO YES MIKE WEST I CAN SUE YOU!!! CARBIZ HIRED THEM SO CARBIZ CAN TAKE THE FALL. MIKE WEST will tell you, you can’t sue me or the tow truck company, WELL guess what, MIKE I went down to the court house and I can and am suing you and the tow truck company you work for, because you got the order from CARBIZ to repo these cars you will have to come to court and tell who ordered these repos, and the courts said I could sue anyone I wanted…. The court said they would take the case and deliver the paper’s to whoever and they would have to show up.. I even called FT. Worth Police Dept and asking if I had 2 felony warrants out. Of course they said no. I knew this I don’t go anywhere, and I didn’t steal anything. That’s when I found out Uptown Motor’s Owner Dyana Kay didn’t pay her creditor, Carbiz, so Carbiz ordered all these cars repoed. Here’s the kicker ! IN THE STATE OF TEXAS IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO REPO A THIRD PARTY CAR!!! Here’s another Kicker DYANA KAY OWNER OF UPTOWN MOTORS DOESN’T HAVE A LICENSE TO SELL CARS, Well because they repoed my car I lost my job, I lost my house because the tow truck driver tore the lawn up, and the landlord was not happy. Carbiz you got an old lady thrown out of her house, because you hired this company to BULLIE PEOPLE . At 5:00 pm April 6, 2016 a guy with a tow truck pulled up, in my driveway. I have dogs so he didn’t get out of the truck. I was on the phone with the police and they told me to ask who ordered the repo? The tow truck driver said CARBIZ! The officer then told me to tell him he could not take the car because CARBIZ didn’t own the car! The officer then told me to ask for paperwork. The tow truck driver held up a clipboard with my address and what kind of car.. NO PAPERWORK!!! The tow truck driver then pulled up on to my front grass, back into the car, I mean he hit the car in the front. He then pulled forward again, backed up again, then pulled forward again, then backed up again and put this thing under the cars tires, and lifted the car up and left. After he left I noticed huge big tire marks in my grass where he tore up the lawn. CARBIZ STOLED MY CAR !!!!!! I have been doing a lot of research to find out I am the third party in all this UPTOWN MOTORS DIDN’T PAY THEIR BILL WITH CARBIZ UPTOWN MOTORS DIDN’T PAY TAXES ON THIS CAR UPTOWN MOTORS DIDN’T REGISTER THIS CAR IN MY NAME EVEN THOUGH I PAID THE BILL AND BY LAW THEY HAD 30 DAYS TO DO SO UPTOWN MOTORS HAS NO LICENSE TO SELL CARS ON THAT LOT Which brings me to my next question, WHY AND HOW IS THE CITY OF LAKE WORTH, TX. LETTING UPTOWN MOTOR’S STAY IN OR DO BUSINESS… HOW ARE THEY GETTING REGISTERATION STICKER’S, INSPECTION STICKERS, AND SELLING CARS, WITH NO LICENSE!!! On April 7, 2016 Ft Worth Police were out at UPTOWN MOTORS asking questions. Dyana told the officer’s that if anyone complained UPTOWN MOTOR’S would make it right. What a joke, they don’t answer their phones or when you show up they run and lock the doors. Ft Worth Police also found out this goes from: Indiania to Florida to Texas. Carbiz be WARNED!!! THIS IS FEDERAL !!! Since the repo guy told me he had repoed over 30 cars off Uptown Motors Lot, and now he is repoing 47 cars from people who are paying for their cars through Uptown Motors.. As of April 13, 2016 the repo guy had 11 cars all with the same problem no one could register them, sitting on his lot. CARBIZ THAT IS 11 COUNTS OF AUTO THEFT!!! SO FAR!!! On April 15, 2016 I called Mike West to ask for the address where he worked, to be asked why I needed it, when I said I was filing a lawsuit he told me to have my attorney call and ask. Now Mike we all know NO attorney is going to call, I made a couple of calls and found out the address: I called Mike back told him I was sorry to bother him over something so silly and then told him where I got the address from, and hung up. Are you kidding me. Right there is prove this repo outfit is guilty and doing things that aren’t on the up and up!! IN THE STATE OF TEXAS IF YOU HAVE A CAR REPOED YOU ARE INTITLED TO YOUR PERSONNAL PROPERTY THAT IS IN THAT CAR!! ANY HONEST, REPO GUY KNOWS THE LAW AND WILL TELL YOU THE ADDRESS AND WHERE THE CAR IS AT!!! On April 16, 2016 I finely got a hold of Chris Burnes, explained this whole story to him. Chris asked what area I lived in, I told him Lake Worth and he said he didn’t have any dealerships in this area, and that he was on his way out of town, and would be back Tuesday April 21, 2009. But he would give the details to his sectrary and get back with me Tuesday… Chris Burns even said CARBIZ was going to be calling everyone they stoled a car from, for what, to see if they want to pay for a stolen car, or to payoff a car that had been stolen from them? These cars have been out of sight and in the hands of LIER’S, who by law refused to give their address so people could get their personal property out. CARBIZ has not called it’s been two weeks. Another LIE. Do you honestly believe I would trust one of your dealerships with another car. You’ve already proven CARBIZ DOES NOT check into anyone who wants to open a dealership, or how they do business, even if they have a LICENSE OR NOT.. Do you honestly believe I’m going to trust you!!! AND BESIDES I guess my life is just not as important, as Chris Burnes. I have only been without a car since April 1, 2009. I guess me going to the doctor’s, going to work, going to the grocery store, going to the laundry mat, TRIING TO FIND ANOTHER HOUSE SINCE CARBIZ GOT ME THROWN OUT OF THE ONE I LIVE IN NOW. I am, not as important as a 4 day weekend to Chris Barns!!! MY LIFE IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT TO CARBIZ!!! Thank you CHRIS BURNS!!! MY LIFE IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS YOURS!!! I call DYANA KAY AT UPTOWN MOTORS EVERYDAY, NO ANSWER BY THE WAY. I LEAVE MESSAGE AFTER MESSAGE, WHERE IS MY MONEY, I WANT MY MONEY YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO SELL A CAR YOU DO NOT OWN, DIDN’T TRANSFER the REGISTERATION, AND DON’T HAVE A LICENSE TO SELL. Even during the hours they are opened Dyana won’t answer the phone. On April 16, 2016 DYANA KAY OF UPTOWN MOTOR’S was standing in the doorway talking on her cell phone, someone drove in and drove thru, then pulled back in and Dyana ran for the back. I guess to hid. Don’t know why you wanted to hide we already saw you at the front door, your purse was hanging on the door handle, or was it cuz you thought it was someone coming in to shut you down. Come on you have one old truck and five cars sitting on your lot right now, no one will finance you. Everything is $799 down. You don’t have a license to sell these cars… Plus you don’t have $1500.00 in any of the cars you do have sitting out front. Who would want them. You’s backing you now, UPTOWN MOTOR’S !! THIS EXPLAINS WHY UPTOWN MOTOR’S KEEP CHANGING THEIR NAME.. FOR AWHILE IT WAS HUDSON’S MOTOR’S . WAS THEIR TROUBLE UNDER THAT NAME??? NO ONE !! THIS IS WHAT DADDY, OF HUDSON’S MOTOR’S CAN GET WITH MONEY OUT OF HIS POCKET!! 5 CARS NOT WORTH $1500.00 AND YOUR TRIING TO SELL THEM WITH $799. DOWN, WITH NO LICENSE TO SELL CARS!! I WANT TO KNOW HOW ARE YOU DOING INSPECTIONS, WITH NO ONE CERTIFIED TO DO THESE ON YOU PROPERTY!!! NO LICENSE !!! I even still have the keys, and seats to the car CARBIZ stoled. If this had been on the up and up, you don’t think they would have gotten these things. If you bought a car from UPTOWN MOTOR’S and had a car repoed from CARBIZ you can file paper for the following: You can file lawsuites against the everyone, to get your money back. You can also get ALL your money back from UPTOWN MOTOR’S for selling a car without a license, and because they were FRAUDING THE GOVERMENT ON TAXES BY NOT REGISTERATING THE CAR IN YOUR NAME. UPTOWN MOTOR’S 6620 AZLE AVE, FT WORTH TX. PHONE: 817 237 2886 OWNER: DYANA KAY CARBIZ 7115 16TH ST EAST SUITE 105 SARASOTA, FLORIDA 34243 PHONE: 800 547 2277 OWNERS: CHRIS BURNS, RICHARD LIE, CARL RITTER DSC 8245 N. HWY HOUSTON, TX PHONE: 281 272 2966 FILE COMPLAINS: TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION MOTOR VEHICLE DIVISION PO BOX 2293 AUSTIN, TX. 78768 PHONE NUMBER: 800 687 7846 or 512 416 4800 they will send you a form to fill out and send back, or download it from their website Economic Crimes Division with the Ft Worth Police Dept 817 884 1661 Auto Task Force 817 560 6560 Texas Motor Vechial Commission Austin Tx they are the ones who come out and inspect everyone. 512 416 4800 Let’s make sure NONE OF THESE BUSINESSES CAN GET BAILED OUT!!! On April 13, 2016 while talking with Mike West he did offer to give back my car. I said no since everything for the last month with everyone was nothing but LIES why would I trust them to give back my car plus since the car had been out of sight how would I trust them.. No I want the money at this point and will go find an honest car dealer and get another car on my own. Yes I said honest I am going to make this car dealer work for this sale, he is going to be put to the test, one wrong answer and I will walk away. In these Economic times people in business are going to be tested, they are going to be tested to see if they deserve our money, our time, our engery, and if they want my money they are going to work for it. As for Carbiz, & Uptown Motor’s right now since you two lost my job, my house, I have nothing but time. I am more than willing to live in a tent to make sure you never sell a car again. We can do this the easy way, you know your wrong, you know you broke the law, you know I’m not giving up. You are going to pay for a house, a lawn, and a car. So the ball is in your corner. You can do the right thing with people or you can try and hide.. DID YOU LOSE YOUR CAR, YOUR JOB, CLOSE TO LOSING YOU HOUSE OVER THIS.. DO THE RIGHT THING !!! CARBIZ & UPTOWN MOTOR’S GIVE THE PEOPLE BACK THEIR MONEY TODAY!! If you would like to add your comment please do so. Keep to the facts, keep it clean, and no threats, no need to threaten anyone go after them honestly, though the courts and the state. You can and will get your money back. Also call them, JAM the phone lines, and jam there companies emails. Copy this is the place you would write your message “WE ARE AMERICAN’S AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO STAND BY AND LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS”” “” DO THE RIGHT THING AND GIVE THESE PEOPLE BACK THEIR MONEY TODAY “” In the subject line put: Enough is Enough If we as American stand up and tell companies enough is enough we can get companies to change. I say pass this website around to everyone you know ask them to call or email CARBIZ AND UPTOWN MOTOR’S. Here are phone numbers and email address’s just copy and paste to everyone at all three companies: Carbiz 800 547 2277 Uptown Motor’s 817 237 2886 Here it is April 22

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