My daughter had this Discover card to help going to school. Been a victim of lawyers and judges before allowing cover up of crooked and sexually harrassing lawyers of a divorce, that left myself and children without motion for child support for one year. Judge John T. Hammond twice would not give restraining order to my ex, where his abuse for one year in between divorce filings, I and my children lived mostly in our car. First lawyer, where he touched my breast, told me sex was just sex. I could get 50 dollars off by bill per visit. I dropped that divorce. After a year of severe abuse, I filed again, again denied restraining order, 2nd lawyer, asked if I was horney and to come to his office at 9 p.m. ex killed the dog, beatings took place. Calling the police, they told me they could do nothing, because he lived in the house, and, no restraining order. I called this judge numberous times. HE KNEW. At Berrien County for decades, they knew well of not only sexually harrassing lawyers, but also judges. Filing hundreds of times at pleas to the Dept of Justice, Finally they removed 6 judges and my first lawyer.The second one equally as bad, as child protective services removed my ex from the home due children that were suicidal due ex’s severe abuse. No motion for child support as this 2nd lawyer said I had to come across. I refused. I tried to find another lawyer, and, no decent ones would take the case. They co conspirated to busy me in debts, another lawyer Armstrong told me more lies that my ex was in trouble with taxes and that i had to give him my rental home 1/3 my income, minimum child support, where ex not only got his music store, a 31 foot sail boat, living room furniture, but I was left with $5,000 back taxes, a stipulated divorce on marital home of another owed $15,000 where i could not habitat get married or die owed to ex. , left to pay this crooked lawyer another $3,000. After two years, I returned to court where Hammond stated I was not to say anything that was not filed. They had my ex state that he only made one thousand to two thousand per year. Boat repairs of $7.00 a month, instead of the $550 dollar payment, boat slip he paid $2,000 for etc. Only paid $100 cadillac insurance, nothing was said about his $450 payments., He was to state, that he only paid $100 for rent living with his girlfriend of 5 years.for 11 years I never recieved the pitance of $45 child support for two younger children, 4 involved.My children did not qualify for grand, or scholorship. becaise my ex would not divulge his income. My son could not qualify for student loan, he with his extremely high IQ had to learn German and go to another country for education. I filed in judicial tenure, the grievance bar over and over and over. then, article on head of Grievance Bar was also involved in sexual harrassment.My youngest daughter needed help to get to school. When, this Discover card got to 1800 and the economy tanked, I cut her off. I could barely pay the $80 dollar payments at which about $5.00 went to principle. I was told at my small business that if I did not keep my mouth shut, they could make me disappear.Week and one half later, my home blew up due dryer cord on first floor. Earlier I heard someone outside but could see nohing. I went to bed, barely made it out window, firemen stated I had two minutes to live. I lost my business of 36 years due carbon monoxide of fire and rental and my shop had blocked chimneys. I lost nearly everything. Insurance paid little as they allowed more crooked actions such as only getting a quote from company they had in their back pocket. Later, I learned when they get this company to do the bid, they give them 30,000 to 60,000 more if they get the contract. Then, after, I paid Discover card, they insisted that I did not. They suddenly wanted another payment. I had no more money to pay some double payment. Later, after it went into arrears, they wanted 1800 to pay the thing off or they would have to i guess sell it to a collection agency. In enters Buckles and Buckles. more crooks. They suddenly state I owed like 5,000. They sent me some court thing where I filed immediately that must be some identity theift because no way I owed this much money. When I received the notice to appear. I go on this Tuesday, on which this court hearing was to take place. the Courtroom door is closed. I asked the Bailiff why? He took my statement to appear to the clerk and then told me that that hearing was heard on Friday before and judgement was in fact granted. I called and wrote numberous times to the Attorney General of Michigan. Michael Cox. No return on calls, no return on filings. Recently, I wrote to Clark Howard, where they told me I would have to set aside judgement. Michael Cox, told me that they would watch Buckles, and Buckles, the good ole boys that are in charge of collection on credit cards and run the whole crooked show.They got judgement of guanishment against me without every even filing a notice to appear in court. More crooks at our courthouse. No paper to say to appear or chance to come to court on my behalf to see where Discover got these dang charges. No appeal, no set aside judgement, as now, the crooks at the courthouse say time has expired. Did I say I despise lawyers? 36 years in business, I guess I heard it all. What is wrong with America? the legal system is just a bunch of crooks. I make barely 100 dollars a month, I am starving most of the time. Nothing I can do. Things break, I live on the edge. All due my life and my children;s lives destroyed by lawyers and judges who put themselves and break laws and cover for each other.

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Yes it is. Based on the user review published on Beware.org, it is strongly advised to avoid BUCKLES AND BUCKLES – BUCKLES AND BUCKLES ATTORNEYS DISCOVER CARD SENT NOTICE TO APPEAR FOR COURT 5 DAYS AFTER JUDGEMENT TOOK PLACE THEY SENT ME WRONG DATE TO APPEAR Inte in any dealing and transaction.
Not really. In spite of the review published here, there has been no response from BUCKLES AND BUCKLES – BUCKLES AND BUCKLES ATTORNEYS DISCOVER CARD SENT NOTICE TO APPEAR FOR COURT 5 DAYS AFTER JUDGEMENT TOOK PLACE THEY SENT ME WRONG DATE TO APPEAR Inte. Lack of accountability is a major factor in determining trust.
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