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All of their advertisements as well as their staff promise to deliver highly qualified leads from an ad campaign consisting on 3 Facebook ads that will be captured through a series of online funnels, then be filtered into an automated follow up system that will generate scheduled calls for you to discuss your work at home business opportunity with interested people. | I was promised by their salesman, Mike Buchmann ([email protected] (480) 570-6112)) that as a part of my campaign I would have 3 ads created and running, I would have extensive training available to me (both regarding sales and how to set up/duplicate the funnel system, the ads, etc), that group and private training was available. | Everything would be set up and done for me from start to finish—including defining my target market for me as I feel that is a weak area for me–so I wouldn’t have to dedicate time I did not have to troubleshooting and learning the marketing process they used before having my campaign running. | I was told repeatedly that I needed to commit myself to a minimum of 5-6 hours a week just for the phone calls I should expect to be scheduled from a $10/day ad spend, and that more time would be needed to attend the training sessions and learn to duplicate their system for others. | I was told there were many group training sessions held each week with varying times so there should be no concern about them fitting into my schedule. I was assured multiple times over multiple calls that the company would make sure my ad campaign was successful and would be working with me closely throughout the process to make sure I was happy and generating the results expected. | I was very clear that I was not interested in signing up for anything that would not set me up to produce $2-3K in income by the end of the 90 day period. I was reassured several times that this was a very reasonable and attainable expectation of their program. | Once I signed up (Aug. 9, 2019) I was scheduled for a “welcome call” with Anastasia Vindiola ([email protected] [email protected] (602) 312-2051). During this call she walked me through a Google doc that we filled out together. Everything on the document from my goals to my target market were answers I provided to questions asked. | This was not a problem for me, because I know a discovery session is necessary, however, my target market was only based on general ideas and demographics I provided and was never adjusted or adapted or more narrowly defined. I was also told they were in the middle of moving their office to Phoenix, so she wasn’t sure when they would actually begin working on my website and ads since the staff was in the middle of a move. | When I signed up, I was given a specific timeline, but I was understandable of the situation. I was also given “homework” to do which consisted of creating a video to post on the website they were creating and extensive content for the website they were creating including an in-depth bio, testimonials, pictures, etc. | I can understand having to do the video myself since I would need to record myself, however, based on the advertising campaign and sales pitch I received, all of the rest should have been created for me. I, however, followed through with everything they required and provided the content needed. | On Aug. 30th, I had a follow up call with Wade Murray to go over the funnels they created for me. I was shown three very basic template pages that consisted of very little other than what I had provided them for content. | I was then shown the scheduling and email marketing process that was set up to generate calls and continue to reach out to those who didn’t schedule in order to convert them to scheduled calls. I was told by Wade that he wasn’t sure of my exact ad launch date, but it should be on Sept. 12th or just a few days thereafter and we were on track for the 30 day launch period promised in the contract. | During the first 30 days, as I worked on generating the content that was requested, I also reached out to the company on several occasions via email with questions and requesting assistance. I contacted them by the only contact method provided for customer service ([email protected]) and went over 3 days each time without a response. | These were not difficult questions or complicated scenarios I was sending either, but clarifying questions that I needed answers to in order to complete the assignments given. This was highly frustrating and far from the exceptional customer service, training, and responsiveness I was promised. | As we approached the 12th, I had received no contact from Briley Media in regards to approval of my ads which was required before launching the campaign, so I emailed the company on the 9th asking for an update. | I finally received a response on the 13th stating that the ads would be launched “early next week” and to expect an email Monday or Tuesday from the ad team (the 16th or 17th). Not only did I not receive contact from the ad team, nothing was generated in my Facebook Ad Manager, and not one person reached out to update me. | It literally took me looking up my salesman’s phone number, calling him on the 25th—two weeks after my launch date was supposed to be–and sitting on the phone with him in order to get the emails sent to me with the ads to approve. Even then they didn’t launch immediately as I was told they would be. | While I was on the phone with Mike, I relayed to him my concerns with the process so far—how I had created the content for the website, how the website was a generic template with no customization for me, how their team took 3 days to respond to any email and I was never given a contact number for them, how I was having to contact them repeatedly for updates and that it took me calling him to make him go to the ad department just to get my ads launched. | I made it clear to him that I was completely unhappy with the way things were going, that they were already not delivering on what was stated in their contract and promised in the conversations we had, that I felt like they took my money and just didn’t care now that they have payment and were unreachable and leaving me in the dark. | He assured me things would change and that they would be happy to help me in any way possible and would make sure that I was happy with my ad campaign and the results, and that we would work closely together to tweak everything as needed to get me the calls and revenue he promised during our consultation. | I also brought up at this time that he had told me they had several group sales training sessions throughout the week and many other group sessions to go over ad results, running your Facebook page/content creation, etc., but that there were in fact only 4 group calls each week: 1 was to review ad results and answer questions about the statistics, 1 for sales training, 1 for questions on Facebook Pages, and 1 mock sales call where you were only allowed to dial in and listen. | ALL of these calls were scheduled at times that I could not attend due to another business I own and run, which I was very clear about when signing up. I was told when signing up that there were multiple classes for each topic each week at varying times so there would be ample choices and availability for me to attend. | He told me not to worry, there would be more class times added, and if needed we could always schedule private trainings. I later brought this same issue up with Anastacia, and her response was to tell me that they did have multiple training times available and resend me the schedule for the 4 classes each week they hold. | It was clear to me at this point, that I would have to cancel longstanding obligations at those times so I could make the zoom call meetings as they were not willing to ad other times and were not concerned that they were not offering enough options for people in multiple time zones. | So, I completely rearranged my schedule, changed appointment times, and did my best to attend as many calls as possible. There were at least 3 of those training that I ended up getting kicked off the call because of technical issues, and the calls were locked so I couldn’t rejoin, so my time was completely wasted. | The other times I was able to join, the majority of the call was spent on answering questions from other clients and not teaching or providing ideas. They were all “round about Q&A sessions” which did not provide me any training, and required me to reschedule and rearrange my schedule as well as inconvenience other clients of mine to get quick and simple questions answered that could have been easily answered via email but weren’t due to lack of responses. | Once my ad was actually launched, the cost per lead was insane. I was told from the onset that their goal is less than $5 per lead but the real target is $1-2 per lead. I was at $16. Eventually, after about 2 weeks, my ad cost was brought down and I finally had some calls being scheduled. | It took over a week of no-shows, to get 2 people on the phone. Neither of the people I spoke with on the phone were qualified leads and they didn’t fit the demographics/income requirements I had specified, let alone better targeted ones that should have been established by Briley Media. | For every call that was booked, I provided feedback as requested via email. Throughout the course of my 60 day campaign (which was 2 weeks late in being launched and ONLY launched then because I called and made sure it was), I had 33 calls scheduled. | ALL but 2 of the 33 calls were no shows. That means that 31 scheduled calls did not pick up the phone. This was even after implementing all of the follow up methods and tools they suggested which consisted of reminder texts before our calls, follow up texts and emails after our scheduled calls when they no-showed, and all of the automated emails these leads were supposed to receive through Active Campaign. | I also never received the 3 ads promised in my ad set (only 1 was ever running) and when they attempted to post two others in response to my complaint, they were flagged by Facebook and denied for violating Facebook ad policies. They told me they were addressing that as well, but the ads were never approved and no subsequent ads were ever submitted. | During this entire time, I contacted Anastacia and asked if there were things we needed to do or could do to improve the results. I asked if I should redo my video, where people were dropping off throughout the funnel process | If I had things set up properly, if we should change the ad image or verbiage, if we should revisit the target market to make sure it’s properly defined and better defined or if they suggested switching gears and completely revamping the people I was targeting. | Every single response I received was unclear, uncertain, and indecisive. I was reaching out asking for guidance as this company was supposed to be the experts and I was trying to lean on their expertise. Instead the responses I got were “well, we could think about that”, “maybe that would be something we should look into”, “there is a possibility that is the case or needs to be done”. | I was never once given any definitive actions to take nor did they take any on their end. All I received was repeated reprimanding that they needed more feedback and that I should follow all of their guidelines, all of which I was clearly doing. It is impossible to provide more feedback on a no-show appointment than “this was a no-show” because there was no one to talk to. | I provided them detailed feedback on the two unqualified people I spoke with as well . . .one had less than $2 in her bank account, as living off of credit cards, and had absolutely no money to invest in a business or way to do so. That is far from a qualified lead or what I defined as my target market. | More so, during the course of my ad campaign, I saw people liking my ad who I knew personally that did not fit my target market requirements at all either. I reached out even after this and told Anastacia that the target market needed to be changed/better defined by the ad team because it was targeting the wrong people. There was no change. | Every time there was a call scheduled, I had to set aside an hour of time to be able to speak with the prospect. So over the course of this campaign, I lost not only over $5000 but also over 33 hours of time JUST on the phone calls scheduled. This doesn’t take into account the time I had to spend rearranging my schedule to meet the needs of Briley Media’s schedule, or the time wasted at their “training classes”, or the exorbitant amount of follow-up and babysitting I had to do with them to get anything done. | During two of the “training calls” I was able to attend and not get kicked out of, Anastacia herself stated “things may look good on paper, but that doesn’t mean that the leads are actually good or that the system is working well.” | This was said in response to the results showing on the client reports regarding cost per lead. She was stating just because the cost of the lead is low doesn’t mean that you are getting the good leads the company promises or that the system is operating the way it should. | My ONLY indication during this entire fiasco that I was getting any kind of results was that metric, and I was clearly told in front of several other people during those calls that just because that number looks good doesn’t mean they are doing their job correctly. | Yet, as hard as I tried to get them to modify things to change the lead results and as much as I followed their instructions step by step, the end result was the same. No show after no show. Absolutely no qualified leads. | I was also provided training documents that had known access issues that were brought to the attention of staff by other clients, but were never addressed/rectified, nor was I given instruction on how to properly work around these issues until I was able to contact the company and bring it to their attention over a week later. | Once it was apparent that there was absolutely no way it was feasible for them to make good on their promises, I lodged a formal complaint and asked to speak with the Briley’s as I knew addressing my concerns with the people I was already in contact would get me nowhere. | I was denied this and told I had to go through Anastacia. We had a phone call to discuss my concerns, and I was told at the end of the call she would put together a report for the Brileys, that I would be sent the report to review and be able to edit for accuracy, and it would be submitted immediately. | I made if very clear that they had not followed through on any of their promises, that the “leads” they provided were unqualified at best and non-existent at worst, and that the customer service was abhorrent, and therefore wanted a refund of the cost of the program as the only way they could possibly fix it was for me to waste more money on ad spend and more time on babysitting them, neither of which I was willing to do as I will not chase good money with bad. She stated there would be no refunds, but she would send my concerns to the Brileys. | Later that night I received an email stating that she sent the report to the Brileys without giving me a chance to review or make any changes necessary. I responded the next day (as I was busy with other clients all night) that I still wanted the report to review. | What followed this was just as bad as everything I had experienced prior. We exchanged multiple emails back and forth in which they denied my repeated requests to speak with the Brileys directly in order to clearly communicate the issues and get an immediate resolution instead of drawing things out as well as my refund request, denied my refund request, and would respond with factually inaccurate information and distortion of the situation. | They also continued to refuse any wrong doing or failures/shortcomings in customer service or their response times or take any responsibility for the actions of their staff even though I was lied to on multiple occasions and deadlines were obviously missed. | Every response deadline they gave me was missed by days as well, drawing this entire process out. I became so frustrated, I even tried contacting the executives through their personal Facebook pages hoping that they were just being kept in the dark and the complaint was never actually forwarded to them like I was told it was. | The overall result is that I have since wasted another 2-3 weeks following up on this problem trying to get a copy of the report and trying to get in touch with the executives who I thought would actually be objective enough to hear about my entire experience and take that into account. | I finally as of last week received the report, which was extremely lacking in detail and clarity and included blatantly false statements. Once I corrected this and sent it back in, they once again missed the promised response deadline, but I did finally receive a response from Mariko. | Her response was just as pointless and inaccurate as the rest. She will not take responsibility for the actions of her company or the employees and shows absolutely no desire to try to rectify anything or show any good faith. | At the very least, this entire ordeal has been the worst customer service experience of my life, which says a lot considering I’ve worked in sales and customer service for over 20 years as well as run my own business, so I have dealt with a lot of issues on both sides of the fence. I’ve also been a advertising client for Yelp! who is notorious for horrible client service . . .and yet had a better experience with them and much better results/ROI. | My advice is that if you haven’t spent money with this company already, don’t do it. They will be dishonest in their dealings, provide horrible follow up and customer service, and deny that they ever did anything wrong. If you have already spent money with them, I’m sorry and I hope you have better luck with them than I did. | I also want to note that I am not the only person who has had such an experience with this company as I was able to contact other clients after our group Zoom calls to discuss their results. They all had similar stories.


Name: Briley Media

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Las Vegas

Address: 3225 McLeod Drive

Phone: 1.888.508.6863


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