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My name is Tristan Cade Anthony Arnold and I am writing you to ask for your help. I have been through so much to be only 14 years old and would never want any other kids to experience. I was taken from my biological grandmother back in April of 2016 for child abuse and child neglect. My grandmother has never hurt me ,touched me, and she has never neglected me. Neglect is when you are just not cared for right ? Well my grandmother may have not had a lot of money but my grandmother loves me and I never wanted for anything she always made sure of it. My grandmother and grandfather and my brother have never done anything wrong to me. I told Miss Angel too but she called me a liar. I can tell when someone loves me and when they don’t. I knew from the start the man who is said to be my biological dad didn’t care about me because he started abusing me really bad and I mean hitting me every day I lived there. | I told the people at the dhr in cullman and I told the lady who supervised my visits with my mom I call her my mom but I am talking about my grandmother. | The lady who would watch us at our visits I told first about zach lay threatening me and telling me if I told hed kill me and hide my body and no one would find me. She told my mom and my mom convinced me to tell dhr in cullman . I didn’t feel good about it and really didn’t want to say anything but mom said they were there to help and we needed to tell them. So I did. I told them everything and they said they wouldn’t tell zach lay but she lied and told him everything I said anyway and I got the crap beat out of me. Just like all the other times. And the way I ended up at Hill Crest is the worst of all . But at least I wasn’t at their house anymore. The way that happened is my stepmom Rachel and Zach were talking and I heard them saying they really could not afford another kid and I needed to go they said they didn’t want me there and never did. I don’t know why they took me from my mom but it screwed me up. One day rachel told me to get her a towel and the laundry was in Jazzlynns is Zach and Rachels kid so I went to get the towel and didn’t see anyone except Owen Rachels son and the next thing I know jazzlynn opens the closet door and starts yelling cade get out of here and the next thing I know zach comes in there and slams me to the ground and kicked me in the face hard and then he pressed his foot against my face and said he could crush my skull and should and put a bruise on my face and I thought he was gonna kill me. | Dhr took pictures and everything but still made me go back. I told them I never want to go to his house again I want to go home but they wont let me. They would not even let me talk to my family. The only time I can talk to them is the times I run away. And I don’t run to go mess around . I run because I am afraid the next time Zach lay is gonna kill me. I have never been that afraid in my life and he told me you want abuse I will show you abuse and started beating the crap out of me . That was an every day thing there . So It was nothing new to me. The only time it was new was the first day it happened. I was never hurt in any type of way at home in cullman . I think I really hate them Zach and Rachel. No kid should be beat by the adults or anyone else. So what they did was try to get me to lie and say I did all this stuff to Jazzlynn and that my mom had done all the same things to me and took me to childrens hospital to talk to a doctor. The doctor ask me a lot of questions and I told the truth about everything and then he told Zach and Rachel that he didn’t believe I had ever done anything like that in my life. Well they got really mad then I guess they wanted me to say I done things I did not do but my mom raised me to tell the truth and that there is never a reason to lie. But I did lie after that. Cause when we got back to Zach and Rachels house he almost killed me. The next thing I know Zach and Rachel are taking me to Hill Crest and he told me if I f ***** up this time he would make sure I never did again and he would for real kill me and hide my body and my family would never find me he use to say that a lot. Hill Crest was not good because I wanted to go home to my family in cullman but it was better than being at Zach and Rachels house wondering if I would live thru the day. Because I was at this point and in fear of my life I told Miss Stewart the lie Zach made me tell . And stayed there ten months and would be sent home on passes and each time Zach would end up beating me again . | Most of the time it was because he just cant stand me and they couldn’t get their methadone and were having money problems. He is mean and im sure he has mental problems . I know rachel does because she told me she did and that one time she was at Hill Crest. I liked it better there than Zachs house but didn’t like the medication they made us take. It made my head feel dizzy and I didn’t feel like my self, I really cant explain it but they just said once I got use to it I would feel real good but I never really did feel good. I hate that stuff it makes me have weird thoughts and stuff. But after a while it just was part of my life there. I cant remember the exact date but it was last year in the summer zach had abused me again this time while I was at work with him so I drove his truck from the job in decatur back to Hill Crest and as soon as I went inside I told them all the truth. I told Miss Angel and all of them everything that I had said had been a lie and that I was afraid very afraid of Zach and Rachel and because they had beat me after not telling the doctor at childrens I was always afraid to tell the truth because I knew Miss Angel would send me back to their house sometimes it made me feel like she wanted me to get abused she didn’t say that but its what I thought. | I have been telling them and Miss Angel so many times but they don’t care I don’t guess. My mom says its because they don’t have their priorities in line and that children should be safe at all times and its Miss Angel and people who do the type of work she does who should make sure of it but instead they are concerned more with money. I kind of thought that way back. But I knew after the first few times I told miss Angel how I was being abused at their house that they were gonna just keep making me go back so I knew if the abuse started again I would have to run away and try to get home to my family. So that is what I have done . I am on the run now and I know my mom is in trouble for me going home last year she has to see a probation officer and everything for trying to take care of me . She loves me and has always protected me and she would fight anyone over me if she thought I was in danger or if someone was trying to hurt me. So would my dad and my brother. And my dad to me is my biological grandfather because he raised me and my brother is really my biological uncle . | I know that is confusing but its like this I love them the way I love them and I choose to see them the way I do and my grandmother is mom to me my grandfather is dad to me and my uncle is my brother to me and that is how it is. There is nothing wrong with that is there ? I know who they are and I know that some kids are raised by people other than their biological parents and its all good. I can tell you something else and after this the rest is the same old stuff but when the judge was questioning me about the abuse Rachel was sitting right next to me. So was my attorney. Mr. Pphillips . We never really talk. I told him I was being abused by Zach and Rachel and he did not seem to care either so I don’t know who children or families are gonna call when they need help. Cause all these people are nothing but liars and they for real just want to put a kid somewhere and forget about them until they get old enough to leave on their own. I know I have never belonged in a hospital or jail for kids . I had a friend who worked at Hill Crest who knew I should have not been there that there was nothing wrong with me. And I told him the truth and he believed me and I will always have love for that man I don’t know if he still works there or not but he was my real friend and his name is Kenneth Cane my buddy and the only one I had that I could trust. At one time in my life I had a normal life like the rest of my friends and was on the honor roll at school and playing ball was my dream of all dreams believe it or not I was a church kid. I loved Jesus and still do but just not up close anymore because I didn’t have a bible or go to church or anything while I was at those places and Zach and Rachel don’t believe in God . | Miss Angel said if I think I will just run every time they send me to Zach’s house they got a place for me called Mt Meig s and it’s a prison for children like me who don’t mind and I told her I just don’t like being beat and want to go home to my real family. I have never been in trouble before when I was with my family in Cullman . She said I don’t have a real family . My hands are tired Mr. Marshall and I thought about writing to you before and someone who stays here where I am told me the best thing I could do would be to write you and the other night when I called my mom she said it couldn’t hurt and for me to pray and tell the truth . So I am praying that you can somehow help me. I really don’t want live the way I have been not for another day. I want my family . I want to be home where I have always been where I am loved and safe and my mom cooks the best food . I have never done anything to anyone and wouldn’t. thank you for reading this Mr. Marshall. Tristan C. Arnold This is an email I got from my grandson and he ask that I print it and make copies and then send it to our attorney general and President Trump. I have been in contact with both for a long time now. Our Governor is chairman of the board of directors at dhr and doesn’t seem to care about the corruption but our AG does as far as I can tell. He has been taking down corruption..but my grandsons time is running out. . I had been contacting them for almost two years and finally got a letter informing me that they were investigating dhr for custody abuse . | This is my second complaint but I was attempting to copy and paste it but could not do so and this is about a childs life. My grandson was wrongfully removed from my custody by Cullman County Dhr after 12 years because the worker from dhr cullman lied through her teeth,and forced him to go to a man who is most likely not his dad. Who my grandson didnt meet until he was 12 . The abuse began immediately and the only reason he wanted my grandson was only for his trust fund from where my daughter was killed. After the alleged dad who has never had paternity test ,not on birth certificate had my custody voided he had custody less than 6mo and signed him over to blount dhr. for three yrs my grandson ,myself and a mandated court reporter told the blount co dhr about my grandson being sadistically abused and they did nothing. The neighbors phoned ,the school and a lady from board of education called dhr as well , all to no avail They sent my grandson to hill crest mental hospital which within its self was as wrong as wrong could be.. . A child who has never been in trouble a day in his life and who was an honor roll student. He has been in the custody of dhr for two years and all sorts of lies have been told on us,his only family who love this young man more than anything .He ran away from the hospital and came home last year and we were both arrested three weeks later and i am on probation now for interference with custody…. with custody of a child I have raised as my own and loved as such and these corrupt people charge me with interference with custody. He never knew abuse until Cullman dhr sent him to live with strangers. And the step mom came up with a plan to get rid of my baby. | She had almost already killed the other little boy a couple of years ago and my grandson knew it and now Zach and Rachel Lay were trying their best to take the life of my baby as well. My grandson has been abused and grossly neglected by the very ones who get paid and paid well to protect him. And they don’t like me because I am well known around here as an advocate with a big mouth who may have a big mouth but I tell the truth about them .They are punishing my grandson by sending him to all these different facilities for punishment for running away to get home to the love and safety of his home and the family who loves him who he loves . And because they refused to protect him but instead sent him back to the abusers time and time again. Even after they took a picture of his face with a large bruise on it after Zach Lay had punched him.And yet again they sent him back. Zach Lay and wife lost their children the beginning of March and everything my grandson the youth advocate and myself as well as the neighbors have been telling them has been the truth and its obvious but they have more of a hatred for me than concern for my grandson . He should not be punished but they sure should. | I have Zach Lay on record admitting that he has lied on my grandson and ruined his name at the school. He apologized for lying on him and hitting him and dhr know this but do nothing. I heard a worker from there say” if you piss dhr off its your kids who get pissed on” forgive me for the language but I heard that myself. This has been going on for almost three years. The alleged dad lost his children at the beginning of March and these people know now for a fact that I have done nothing at all wrong none of our family has . And yet with no explanation this is happening to my grandson and its corruption Sent from Mail for Windows 10


Name: Blount County Human Resources

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Oneonta

Address: 415 5th Ave E Ste C

Phone: 205-274-5200


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