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The Fraudulent Plastic Surgeon

Raja Nalluri is a plastic surgeon, running Nalluri Plastic Surgery at 3903 S 7th ST, STE 1E, Terre Haute in Indiana. Nalluri, M.D. has reportedly been captured across several channels stating how the success and wellbeing of the patient is the core philosophy behind his practice and business. He has also been making claims of how he has always put his customers first.

If recent complaints and reports are to be believed, Dr. Raja Nalluri is a fraudulent plastic surgeon. A complaint posted by a sufferer clearly states how her breast augment was totally ruined by the doctor and Nalluri Plastic Surgery. She had an abscess and two more surgeries were required as a result. These left the client with long-standing physical and medical damage. She also stated further how Raja Nalluri’s staff walked out and how he was undergoing divorce proceedings after having defrauded his own wife who happened to be the client’s cardiologist. There seems to be a fraudulent vein of activity running through the entire family in fact. Dr. Anil C. Nalluri, the father of Raja Nalluri, has also been indicted for fraudulent activity and as per the complainant, he has been trained extremely well by his father to defraud clients and heap serious damages on them.

In fact, if you click here, you will find the full details of how Dr. Anil C. Nalluri, the Boardman psychiatrist, was de-certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and had to repay in excess of $70, 000 after he pleaded guilty towards workers compensation fraud. There was a secret surveillance video which showed how Dr. Nalluri offering care that was not adequate and later on, he billed the BWC for services which were not provided at all. He paid a sum of $71, 669.62 in investigative and restitution costs. He was also de-certified as a provider for the BWC. As per the judgment, Nalluri was apathetic towards his patient and was only concerned about billing as much as possible. Nalluri’s investigation started in the year 2003 after the BWC got a complaint from a worker who was injured that only 10 minutes of psychotherapy were given as opposed to the requirements for a 45 minute session. Nalluri also casually dismissed the patient when confronted, stating that the full payment would be received by him from the BWC irrespective of the treatment offered. He also removed the injured patient later and did not provide medical records when asked to.

An undercover operation (the video of which can be found here) was conducted by agents who saw how many patients left the office in quick time after their arrival. An agent finally posed as a needy patient, visiting Anil Nalluri around 12 minutes and capturing videos which backed the original allegations. This included an appointment which lasted for just a minute. In another scenario, BWC got a billing for a psychotherapy session of 20-30 minutes where videos showed there were majorly discussions related to the economy. Multiple patients confirmed how they were not getting full services with Dr. Nalluri. This led to the doctor’s indictment and pleading guilty finally in the case. The allegations against Raja Nalluri are serious and the impact is felt even more when one considers the fraudulent record of his father. It can only be hoped that suffering patients finally get justice and practices of fradulent and incompetent doctors are banned in order to save more people from harassment and long-standing suffering.

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