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Dont get lured seeing this dangerous man on TV

Ever wondered why these celebrity doctors seem too good to be true? Well, that’s because they are! Dr. Kevin B. Sands just made my friend’s life worse. My friend suffered immensely due to his unprofessional and fraudulent ways. This is one shady guy for sure! He is regarded as the celebrity go-to-guy whenever you need a dentist in Beverly Hills. My friend was shocked to see how proud and self-obsessed he is and he provided low quality veneers which were absolutely uneven with gaping spaces between them.

They look too fake to be high quality veneers and there is not an iota of naturalness about them which is directly opposite to his blatantly untrue promises. If I were you, I would just run away in the opposite direction from this fraudulent celebrity doctor. My friend had to shell out a huge sum of money and is still pondering on a lawsuit. In fact, to make matters even worse, this doctor, who thinks he is God’s gift to mankind, even tried hitting on my friend blatantly during one of her appointments! For the love of God! People be aware please! Don’t just see this dangerous man on TV and go running to his office.

Apart from the poor service and severe medical risks, you will naturally be kept waiting for long periods of time like my friend had to endure (celebrity doctor right!). In fact, another complainant has talked of how there was a lady sitting in the waiting room unhappily with her eyes red. This lady stated how the doctor carried out some cosmetic dental procedures which were absolutely ridiculous. She had come in to get the doctor to fix it but was told to fork out $500 as a consultation fee by the front desk. Also, she was abruptly told how it would require more money if anything needed to be fixed. In fact, Sands had flirted with this lady and asked her out several times as well. This made the complainant run away (thankfully) without taking any treatment. You can read more on how this shady Beverly Hills dentist made two people feel like absolute shit! Don’t read the fake fluffy contents (paid for by him) on the top. Go down to the bottom for the real dirt.
In fact, after being immensely troubled about my friend’s complaint, I went on Yelp- https://www.yelp.com/biz/kevin-b-sands-dds-beverly-hills-6 and was astonished with what I found. Dr. Sands seems to be running a racket of sorts from what I feel. One patient has written in a review how this dentist deceived him by taking a whopping $46, 000 for really poor results. Then the doctor’s attorney called up and accused the patient of making slanderous remarks, threatening to sue almost instantly in spite of everything being true. This individual now has to sell off a house to fix the damages or there may be severe loss of teeth. Another patient talked of how fake reviews were being paid for the doctor and how he executed a horrible dental procedure by which the patient’s teeth were absolutely ruined. This patient also labelled Dr. Sanders as unprofessional and rude which is something even my friend testified to. The entire area was ill equipped and the staff were treated like they were in a hellhole. Even celebrities got only whitening done from the doctor and not extensive dental work.

There was even another patient who went to get a bridge re-done for the front teeth. A hung-over and uninterested Dr. Sands ignored the patient’s comments and got the patient to sign a contract. He also sawed off the brige rather aggressively while shaving off the remaining front tooth of the patient. He charged a whopping $10, 000 for this procedure which was double of what would have been charged elsewhere. The placement of the bridge was terrible which made the patient cry and the doctor did not have any sympathy whatsoever. He even yelled many times at the patient. The doctor started being a little nice when he found out how the patient worked for a celebrity. The entire experience was plain awful and just like my friend, this is another person who has paid the price for going to this shady, incompetent and fraudulent dentist.

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