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Whiteside’s and Douglas County Georgia Home Theft/Organized Crime Ring | RE: Douglas County Court Case 17SR00258, and Mobile Home Thefts | I have owned my 2001 RiverChase double wide mobile home located at , Lithia Springs GA since February 2010, a total of 7 years and 7 months which is sitting in Whiteside’s Properties, Lithia Estates Mobile Home Park. There is no on-site management office at the Lithia Estates Mobile Park so it is managed from the Nebo Ridge Estates office located in Hiram, GA. The majority of my residency there I never had too much involvement with the Douglas County GA Sheriff Department until the last 6-8 months of residing in Whiteside’s mobile home park. I have now been constantly harassed, evicted and locked out of a home that I own by Whiteside Properties owners, a select few of their tenants and now the Douglas County Sheriff department. | I am disabled with anxiety, and depression, I was seeing a psychiatrist from 2011 thru 2015 named Dr. Nabila Haque at the Cobb-Douglas Outpatient Center in Douglasville, GA and informed her of my poor living conditions. In December 2015, I was in Illinois visiting my family and had a phone conversation with Douglas County Sheriff Investigator Jay Hayes, I asked him if it was safe to come back, and had an anxiety episode right on the phone with him. | Since I’ve lived in the Lithia Estates Mobile Home Park, I have learned that Phillip T Whiteside and Angie Mary Parson Payne Whiteside Whitfield are for-profit investors and their enterprises range from re-selling electricity, mobile home park owners, real estate owners, Learning centers and investment businesses. I have witnessed them seize/steal a number of people’s homes including the mobile home located at . which is adjacent to my home. Angie Mary Payne Whiteside steals people’s homes by accusing them of false crimes and somehow is able to file police reports without the Deputy taking the time to inform or follow up with the other person. Whiteside then appears in court or visits Sheriff Investigators obtaining arrest warrants from the Douglas County GA Magistrate Judges Susan Camp or Barbara Caldwell. | During a text message conversation, Angie Mary Payne Whiteside Whitfield stated that Lithia Estates Mobile Park was her property and if she wanted to sit on the street and stalk people then she would do that. She even goes to the extent of spoofing some of her tenant’s phone numbers making it appear as if they are harassing their neighbors and Whiteside would often spoof my number. This is the reason why I am keeping my cell phone number private. Any tenant that owns their home who attempts to put up any kind of defense of their home whatsoever will be arrested and charged by the Douglas County Sheriff Department usually with Terrorist Threats, Slander or other similar charge(s) | After I purchased my home for $23,900 cash and did not receive a seller disclosure for, which was a bank repossession, Douglas County GA 2017 fair market valued at $29,300 and offered by VMF/Vanderbilt homes. I later learned that VMF plan had been to pull it out of the Lithia Estates Mobile Home Park. Following my purchase in February 2010, I went to sign the lease. I overheard Angie Mary Payne Whiteside Whitfield inform her employee Jana Green “I guess we won’t have to file an injunction against VMF/Vanderbuilt Homes to keep that home in our park” | Phillip T. Whiteside and Angie Mary Payne Whiteside Whitfield are owners of the Lithia Estates Mobile Home Park have had a continued interest in my home ever since I have purchased it. Whiteside’s refuse to purchase it, and appear to be more interested in stealing it and will not permit me to sell my home, nor will they permit my home to be moved off of their property. | I do not understand why the State of Georgia allows such conduct and does not provide any type landlord retaliation, harassment and discrimination laws. The State of Georgia appears to support unscrupulous landlords that have no morals, other than the love of getting rich and preying on lower class people. I have wrote to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal in August 2017 and in his reply, he takes no interest in aiding homeowners. | The owners of Whiteside Properties-Enterprises/Rental Homes/ABP Enterprises have no regard for the safety or quality of life of their tenants, they rent to people with questionable, extensive criminal histories, drug dealers, sex offenders and those fresh out of prison. Some of Whiteside’s favorite tenants include those the Douglas County GA Sheriff have to shoot and kill, Deputy James Barber was the trigger man in the below incident, See here. | | Most all of Whiteside’s new tenants receive a visit from Vicki P. Calhoun who provides (special services) Calhoun slanders me on a constant basis, as I want no part of her or the services she offers. New tenants not having any knowledge of me, listen to Calhoun’s lies and they begin to phone Nebo Ridge Estates office located in Hiram, GA and make false accusations against me on a fairly constant basis. | I’m a person who has Christian values and do not make friends with everyone. Many people consider myself different from majority of the world. As I am one interested in learning things, and considered a techie. Not too interested in sports, I do not drink, nor do I use illegal drugs. You could say that I am picky when it comes to having friends. | Whiteside Properties/Nebo Ridge Estates hates even having to pay and treat their non-family employees fairly. Their former employee named Jana Green who was authorized to sign my lease in the year 2010 was part of a group of people who filed a federal lawsuit against Whiteside’s and a few of their business ventures with a State of Illinois Lawyer. See here: | | Whiteside’s are for-profit investors and a few of their business ventures include Whiteside Enterprises, LLC, Whiteside Properties, LLC, ABP Enterprises, LLC, Whiteside Rental Homes, Neighborhood Learning Center, Inc., Trieste Investments, Inc. Energy Providers Utility Company Inc. and more. | Whiteside’s own the following mobile home parks, Lithia Estates Mobile home estates off of Riley Road, Lithia Manor Mobile Home Park on Glenda St. in Lithia Springs, GA. Nebo Ridge Estates Mobile Home Park and Green Tree Mobile Home Park located in Hiram, GA. Oak Grove Mobile Home Park in Dallas, GA. and Arbor Village on Midway Road in Douglasville. | I cannot remember all of the past incidents but have listed some incidents which readily come to mind. | My first month at Lithia Estates Mobile home park, March 2010, I had a package stolen which was an AT&T DSL modem for Internet service in which AT&T had to send a replacement. | In the fall season of 2010, A Lithia Estates MHP tenant named Vicki P. Calhoun phoned the Douglas County Sheriff Office and had reported that I was stalking her. The DCSO deputy found that I was raking my leaves and had never stalked/harassed her. | Also in the year 2010 Nona Fahler/Smith/Hand contacted the Douglas County Sheriff and reported that I was supposed to be drunk and smashing beer bottles on the street outside the front of her home, and that I was driving a black car. Not true, I do not drink and I have never owned a black automobile. | In the past when I would phone Whiteside’s Nebo Ridge Office concerning a tenants who are harassing me, I was informed “Well they own their trailer, so our options are limited of what we can do, the best you can do is to call the Douglas County Sheriff” in most cases this statement came from Vicki Whiteside-Hindmon. | Nebo Ridge Estates office staff Vicki Whiteside-Hindmon had also told me during a phone conversation that most residents of Lithia Estates Mobile Home Park are on a fixed income, I informed Hindmon that I too was also was on a fixed income, and Vicki Whiteside-Hindmon then asked me from what source? I told her that I was on Disability Income, Hindmon stated that she had thought so. As many residents that lived close to me would see me carry my prescription medication bags inside my home from when I went to the pharmacy and neighbors regularly reported my private business to the office. | The worst neighbor I had to endure was Vicki P. Calhoun over the years as she would go around to all the new tenants slandering me with lies, and since she does, I have made it a point to learn everything I could about her and found that her criminal record is as thick as a textbook. Most of her criminal record originates from Georgia counties other than Douglas County. There are few counties in the State of Georgia that are willing to prosecute her one of them being Cherokee County. | I have asked Nebo Ridge Estates/Whiteside Properties staff usually Vicki Whiteside-Hindmon multiple times over many years to remove Calhoun from the park, they respond, “We can’t do that! She’s helping her elderly mother!” | In 2011 while I was away on a vacation, I had several windows on my home either broken out or cracked costing me nearly $200 to replace. | In 2012 now a former tenant by the name of Randy verbally assaulted asking me “Who ya stalking now?!? And telling me “I would be dealt with” as I was going for a walk down the public street minding my own business. I said nothing to him at all. | In 2013 a former tenant by the name of Steven Oliff and his family would come to my door asking me if I had any drugs he could have or hey, you got any beers?, When I told them no drugs or no beers, he would threaten me on a constant basis stating “Stay out of sight or I’ll kick your a*s” He has since been convicted of prescription fraud, the last I heard. | In April 2014, a person by the name of Lester G. Bigelow came to my door, actually pulled me out of my home and physically assaulted me in my driveway. I incurred over $7700 of medical bills, a warrant was issued by Douglas County Sheriff Investigator Dale Kelley, and Lester G. Bigelow was consequently convicted of his 3rd offense of Battery with no jail time to be served. | I thought Investigator Dale Kelley was one of the best the Douglas County GA Sheriff had, maybe it’s why he is no longer with the Sheriff Department at least not in the Investigator capacity. | In August 2015, a tenant named Joshua L. Bell would come to where his driveway met the street with a gun in his hand, and would nearly be pointing it at me while I was cutting my lawn. He uses the alias of Jeff Bell, Joshua Lee Bell has an extensive criminal record in Haralson and Carroll Counties, GA which include, Possession of stolen property, Cruelty to children under the age of 18 YOA, 3 counts of Aggravated Assault, Possession of Meth, Rioting and more. | In October 2015 a tenant named Kayla Bell would stand in the middle of the road just a few feet away from my driveway entrance and would stalk me with a camera, DCSO Deputy Clint Adams responded to a call made by one of us. Kayla Bell stated to the Deputy Clint Adams “That both Angie Whiteside and her wanted me gone” Douglas County Sheriff Investigator Anne Barnhill Rice should be aware of that incident as she phoned me and informed me that DSCO Deputy Clint Adams did not complete a police report. | Since DCSO Deputy Clint Adams felt no need to complete a police report or take no action regarding the above incident, I then elected to take some action towards Kayla Bell prior action and filed an online report with Georgia Department of Children and Family Services reporting that I believed she was gainfully employed and drawing welfare. And that she was living with and leaving her children with Joshua Lee Bell, who has aggravated assault, rioting, cruelty to children, and driving State of Georgia convictions. | Above is the incident that caused me to become convinced that the Lithia Estates Park owner Angie Mary Parsons Payne Whiteside Whitfield was underlying cause of my continual harassment while living in the Lithia Estates Mobile Home Park. I suspect that the previous owner of my home Jeanie/Lynn Carter-Turner purposely let the home foreclose in order to get away from Angie Mary Whiteside as they were experiencing the same type of problems as I. | On many occasions, especially near the holiday season, the last occurrence being In December 2015, Whiteside’s Nebo Ridge Estates office staff would phone me at my mother’s home in the State of Illinois and would make verbal threats against me and the safety of my home. I informed them that I was extremely tired of their continued verbal assaults against me and that I would learn who Angie Whiteside really was. I learned that she is Angie Mary Parsons-Payne-Whiteside who has an extensive criminal record including multiple prison confinements and rumors were that she was dealing in illegal drugs primarily Roxies and methenamine | Also in December 2015, a female Douglas County Sheriff Deputy phoned me to inquire my present location. I informed the deputy that I was presently and had been in the State of Illinois visiting family member for the last 6 weeks. I would travel to State of Illinois yearly to spend the holiday season with an elderly family member beginning the end of Oct or the first week of November. | In September 2016 I received an eviction summons from Whiteside Properties which was filed on September 19, 2016 ordering me into Douglas County Magistrate court, that same day, I phoned Jamie Ellen Whiteside at the Nebo Ridge Estates office who is the manager of Lithia Estates Park which is one of Whiteside’s many mobile home parks to ask her why I received an eviction summons, She immediately blurted out, “That we are tired of you, and think it’s time for us to part ways”. I then mentioned that I would contact the Atlanta FBI office, Jamie Ellen Whiteside then laughed and told me ” You do that! and tell them that we said hello.” | I dispute Nebo Ridge/Whiteside Properties claim, and I state that I do adhere to the community policy, I mind my own business, and I have never harassed my neighbors, I have never been late with my lot rent payment and have all the lot rent receipts to prove it. I maintained my property pristine condition. | Within the next week, I went to see the Douglas County GA District Attorney Investigator Mark Montgomery to inquire into the legality of my upcoming October 10, 2016 eviction hearing and to find out if I could pursue criminal charges against Whiteside’s. I was informed by Investigator Mark Montgomery that there was nothing they could do as the whole thing was civil, but Magistrate Judge Susan Camp hates Corporations and their eviction tactics. | On October 10, 2016, Both myself, Inv. Anne Rice, Owner Angie Mary Payne Whiteside and her park manager Jamie Ellen Whiteside appeared in Douglas County Magistrate court, I was well prepared to defend myself in court, but Judge did not listen to a word of my testimony, Both of my motions were denied. Every word that came out of Whiteside’s mouth was all lies regarding me, Whiteside’s did not provide a single shred of evidence. Judge ordered that I not speak to the person I do business with or any of my neighbors for no valid reason what so ever, Angie Mary Payne Whiteside won an illegal eviction against me and afterwards Angie Mary Whiteside approached the judge bench and handed a blue colored check to Judge for her winning the eviction against me. Whiteside’s had wanted me evicted by the end of November 2016, but the Judge ordered February 2017 which was the lease signing date (the lease automatically renewed yearly) | I subpoenaed Douglas County Sheriff Office Investigator Anne Rice into my October eviction hearing to testify that I have never harassed any other tenant and had no police reports indicating that I had done so. That false accusations have been made against me, often at times when in fact I am out of state visiting family members in the State of Illinois and that active zone patrols were active on my property. | My belief is that I think that Douglas County Magistrate Judge camp was out of line at my October 2016 eviction hearing of ordering me evicted by Feb 2017 and meanwhile to continue paying Whiteside lot rent, not to communicate with my any of neighbors or a business that I have done prior business with, namely paying lot rent. I had never been late and never missed any lot rent payments, with no prior eviction warning from Whiteside’s as required by Georgia law: | Landlord must demand possession of the premises prior to commencing a dispossessory proceeding. Ga. Code Ann. § 44-7-50(a) (Supp. 2000). The demand for possession does not need to contain any special language as long as the landlord clearly demands that the tenant relinquish possession of the premises. | But then when Whiteside’s are paying Douglas County GA Sheriff Tim Pounds, The Douglas County GA Magistrate Judges Camp and Caldwell, The Douglas County GA Solicitor and District Attorney Offices they can get anything they want. | A week later after my eviction hearing and after exhausting the people I could contact in Douglas County GA regarding Whiteside’s and their winning their illegal eviction against me, I contacted and visited the Atlanta FBI office on October 17, 2016. The Special Agent by the name of Ronald S. that I spoke to informed me that Whiteside’s are “Small time landlords who wanted me gone and decided not to renew my lease and I should sell my mobile home”, I beg to differ….. | Whiteside’s own 5-6 mobile home parks in Douglas and Paulding counties and numerous other businesses. I am quite confident Whiteside’s rank high in the Douglas County GA illegal drug trafficking world, also judging by all the drug runners in pickup trucks, purple/pink automobiles and loud lawnmower engine powered Audis that would often drive up and down Ginger lane in Lithia Springs under a daily basis. One of them stopped in front of my home and mentioned his displeasure about me being in my front yard with a camera and told me he was delivering groceries and that he was going to call the Sheriff Dept. and I told him to please do so. | October 20, 2016 I notified Angie Mary Payne Whiteside via text message that since I been evicted, that I would now begin withholding November and thereafter lot rent until she either made me a fair offer to purchase my home or cancel/quash the October 10, 2016 eviction order. Angie Mary Payne Whiteside acknowledged my message by sending me a text message stating that she would handle it by ordering me back into Douglas County Magistrate Court again for me withholding lot rent and in the meantime she would go see the Douglas County Sheriff Department for sending her the message. Angie Mary Payne Whiteside then phoned my mother who resides in the State of Illinois threatening her about the fact that I was now withholding lot rent. | Shortly thereafter in October, I received a phone call from Douglas County Sheriff Inv. Jay Hayes who was asking me about Judge . I believe that Inv. Hayes informed me that I was not allowed in her court room cause, I told Jay Hayes that I am quite happy with that as she is a corrupt Judge and that I suspected that Hayes called me as I saw Judge Susan Camp accept a blue colored check from Angie Mary Payne Whiteside for her winning eviction order. Inv. Jay Hayes suggested that maybe Angie Mary Payne Whiteside was paying for court services rendered, I informed Inv. Jay Hayes that I had thought that courts were usually paid thru the court clerk, and not by handing a check directly to the Magistrate Judge Susan Camp inside the courtroom after most people had exited the court room. | I also informed Inv. Jay Hayes that I had previously filed a complaint with the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission case (#2017-191) and that I had just received an acknowledgement letter from the Commission. And that I would be visiting the Atlanta FBI office and that if it ever went to court, I would be more than willing to truthfully testify that I saw Douglas County Magistrate Judge Susan Camp accept a check from Angie Mary Whiteside and being paid for her judgements. | A person can read some of prior Whiteside’s and Douglas County Magistrate Judge Camp’s dealings at the link below: | | In the first few days of November 2016, I received yet another court summons that Angie Mary Payne Whiteside had filed ordering me back into Douglas County Magistrate to court on November 21, 2016 for failure to pay my November 2016 Lot rent. | On November 8, 2016 just a few days after I received the court summons, Douglas County Sheriff Deputies Michael Hendrix and Troy Stoyles showed up at my home, with no notice and no disturbance, informed me that I had to go with them and transported me to the Douglasville WellStar hospital where I was again transported to the WellStar Behavior Health center in Austell, GA where I was detained from November 8, 2016 to late afternoon of November 13, 2016 on false reasons, with me incurring nearly $21,000 in Hospital medical debt. | | I learned once I received the Sheriff Dept. records in June 2017, I learned that a Douglas County Sheriff report filed by Mary Angela Whiteside aka: Angie Mary Payne Whitesideela Whiteside of and completed by Deputy Northcutt with an incident date of November 10, 2016 and filed on November 15, 2016 that I was falsely accused of sending Angie Whiteside text messages, even though the State of Georgia does not have a text message law and also the fact that I was a in-patient in WellStar Behavior Health unit between the dates of November 8-13th 2016 and would be unable to text message anyone. I guess Deputy Northcutt did not bother to find out my location, this is evidence of clear cut landlord and Sheriff Dept. harassment. | On November 21, 2016 only a week after being released from the WellStar hospital, I again appeared in Douglas County Magistrate Court, Judge Susan Camp was fully aware that I had just been released from the WellStar Behavior Health Center by stating “Oh! I see you have been released!” and then ordered me to pay November and December 2016 Lot rent and to have it paid by December 21, 2016 and warned me that if it was not paid then a Writ of Possession would be issued. | In November of 2016, Lithia Estates Park tenants Blake Alexander Herrin/Chad phoned the Douglas County Sheriff and Deputy Joe Pounds responded, Blake A. Herrin/Chad falsely stated that I was supposed to be in possession of a gun while he held an envelope of meth he had just received from doing a drug deal on the street in front of my home which I have photographs of. Douglas County Sheriff Deputy Joe Pounds called in two other deputies and the three searched my home with my permission and found no gun. They may have come to the conclusion that it had to be a camera since I had new photos of his drug deal, which I still possess and emailed a few to Inv. Jay Hayes. After I received the police reports in June of 2017, I leaned that Deputy Joe Pounds reported the incident to have occurred in December 2016 (the actual date could be found on the call log) and wrote in his report that Blake A. Herrin/Chad was minding his own business, like a good neighbor walking his dog. Which is NOT true. | On the same incident another neighbor Nona Fahler/Smith/Hand who is a good friend of Blake Alexander Herrin/Chad came running out all excited informing the Deputies that I was supposed to be harassing all my neighbors by sending text messages to all of them. She even showed the deputies her phone. Even though I do not associate with or know any of them, and that includes not knowing their phone numbers. Nona Fahler/Smith/Hand is an active spoofing participant. Once again, the Douglas County Sheriff deputies did not feel any need to take any action against my false accusers, But, I felt like that something had to be done, so I got online, and filed a report with the DEA against Blake/Chad for meth manufacturing and distribution. | On December 16, 2016 Douglas County Sheriff Deputies came to my door with an arrest warrant issued by Inv. Christina Clark for stalking, incident date December 15, 2016. Clark stated that I contacted Mary Angie Whiteside, I was arrested and had to spend 4-5 days in the Douglas County Jail – I cannot find out much information as the case is still pending and I am awaiting a Discovery letter. | Regarding my Douglas County arrest and court case 17SR00258 for Stalking which was downgraded to phone harassment. To begin with, I deny any form of Stalking/Phone harassment. I have made NO calls, and found that phone that I was accused of harassing is currently registered to an Angie Whitfield. (See attachment 1) and once again a few text messages to a person one does business with is not illegal. | | I have learned from the Federal Trade Commission that communication in the form of phone calls/text messages to or from Companies/Corporations or Business owners that a person has done business with is perfectly legal. Refer to the 2nd paragraph of the link furnished below. |


Name: Arbor Village

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Douglasville

Address: 4085 Midway Rd #39

Phone: 770-942-4972


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