Beware.org is an attempt to provide an unbiased, secure, unadulterated and free platform where you can create alerts, contribute and refer to information which may help you avoid risks and damages, both emotionally and financially.

This website is a small step in the right direction. A drop in the pond. We cannot alert everyone. We cannot expose every bad business, scammer, cheater and criminal. We understand that. But we’ll try to help as many as we can. It’s not about numbers. It’s about giving it a go and ruffle some features.

We believe that people want to shape and improve their world

So we offer a free and open to all review platform, built on collaboration. For consumers, we?re a place to connect with and influence businesses. For companies, we?re a platform for progress; a way to improve and innovate by engaging and collaborating with consumers.

What we do!

With Beware, people have a place to share and discover reviews of business, and every company has the tools to turn consumer feedback into business results.

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Are you listening to your customers?

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